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Podiatry clinics in Pembroke Pines and Aventura specializes in the treatment of the diseases of the foot and ankle. We provide our patients with a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as in/out patient surgical procedures, to provide relief for their problematic foot conditions.

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Podiatrist in Aventura
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– Hammer Toe Repair

– Achilles Tendon Repair

​- Bunion Surgery – Bunionectomy

– Heel Spur Surgery

– Tendon Repairs

– Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

– Joint Implant Surgery

– Neuroma Surgery​

– Soft Tissue Mass Removal

– Fracture Repair

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General Podiatry Care-Routine Foot Care

– Ingrown Toenail Surgery (temporary and permanent).

– Corns (Ojo de Pescado)

– Callouses (Callos)

– Fungus Toenails (Hongos)

– Infections

– Diabetic Foot Care

– Diabetic Shoes

​- Wound Care

– Orthotics

– Heel Pain

– Neuromas

– Fractures

– Bone Spurs

Heel Spur Surgery

Most heel pain does not result in surgery. Approximately 10% of patients who have recalcitrant pain, pain that does not resolve with conservative care, have the option for surgical intervention.

Out-patient surgery is preferred. Under fluoroscopy a small incision is made on the inside portion of the heel and the painful spur is removed. Pain will be alleviated dramatically.

Hammer Toe Surgery

Probably the most common foot surgery performed in the world today.

Crooked, bent, arthritic toes are surgically repaired so the patient is able to enjoy normal shoe wearing and an active lifestyle.

The procedures vary from small wires that are removed after surgery or small implants that remain in the joints to maintain the normal shape of the toe.

Fracture Repair

Bones that are compromised can be repaired by the simplest form of immobilization (Fiber-Casts, Walking Boots).

More complicated fractures may require surgical intervention with screws, plates, and possibly external fixation devices.

Podiatrist in Pembroke Pines.

Podiatrist in Aventura

Therapeutic Injections

Do you wake up in the morning and can barely put your foot on the floor?

Is that little toe killing you by the end of the day?

When exercising, does your foot hurt during and after activity?

Most of the time your pain can be eliminated by a simple and painless injection.

Pediatric / Teens

– Sprains

– Sport Injuries

– Warts

– Surgical Repairs

– Accidents  

Vein Care - Sclerotherapy


We have been eliminating spider veins and varicose veins for more than 25 yrs.

The fact is that you can spend thousands of dollars on lasers but eventually the veins return or they never resolve.

Sclerotherapy or the technique of injecting a specialized solution (not saline) into the vein, is the most effective technique. It requires the precision hand of a doctor not an assistant.

My nursing staff is excellent but I treat every patient with the necessary time and expertise they require.


Bunion Surgery


Bunion surgery can be a very daunting decision for the patient. Questions such as:

“Will I have pain? How long will it be until I can wear my shoes, high heels, go for a run, jog or walk?

Will my insurance cover the costs?

What procedure will I have?

Do I need a screw or a plate to hold the bone in place?

All these questions can be answered by Dr. Green in a clear and concise manner.


Diabetic Care


Patients afflicted with diabetes are ever worrying about whether they will lose appendages to that dreaded word gangrene.

By being vigilant and examining your feet daily and having foot exams and evaluations, we can prevent these amputations from occurring.


Flat Foot & Arch Repair
This debilitating deformity can be corrected by changing the archecture of the mid-foot and rear foot when applicable. There is also a procedure called Arthroresis, where by a small implant is used to raise the arch with a small incision just below the ankle.
Orthotic Fabrication & Therapy

Our office uses the state of the art casting and fabrication methods and materials.

You will be amazed at how well you feel when excessive range of motion is controlled.

You will run, jog, walk, and play sports with more enjoyment than ever before.

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy


Exciting new treatments for all kinds of inflammatory problems for your lower extremity.

EXAMPLES: Achilles Tendonitis, Street Fractures and Plantar Fasciitis.

This treatment utilizes state of the art Amniotic & Chorionic Mesenchymal stem cells injection and or grafts.

Procedures are safe to be done in the office and although they are usually not covered by insurance the cost for the injection/graft are reasonably priced.

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